1. Mai 2017 by Dominik Winkler

Spring offer

The latest generation of DW Racing Engines has successful proven its competitiveness. Furthermore, with the completly overworked CNC-Machined production process we could archive less tolerances and could improve the engine durability while still providing highest performance.

DW XR230 Engine:
Latest Version of DW XR230 Engine including Xtreme Racing Ignition. This is the most powerful engine you can get.
Retail price 769,00 EUR549,00 EUR.

Mega Bundle:
DW XR230 Engine + SAMBA S8 Titan + Moca Airbox:
Retail price 1337,00 EUR999,00 EUR

DW XR230 Engine + SAMBA S8 Titan:
Retail price 1218,00 EUR889,00 EUR

DW XR230 Engine + Moca Airbox:
Retail price 888,00 EUR659,00 EUR

DW XR-Cylinder Kit
Retail price 199,00 EUR139,00 EUR

DW Xtreme Racing Ignition
Retail price 269,00 EUR219,00 EUR

Orders via mail:
special offer available until 31.03.2018