1. May 2017 by Dominik Winkler

    Spring offer

    The latest generation of DW Racing Engines has successful proven its competitiveness. Furthermore, with the completly overworked CNC-Machined production process we could archive less tolerances and could improve the engine durability while still providing highest performance.

    DW XR230 Engine:
    Latest Version of DW XR230 Engine including Xtreme Racing Ignition. This is the most powerful engine you can get.
    Retail price 769,00 EUR549,00 EUR.

    Mega Bundle:
    DW XR230 Engine + SAMBA S8 Titan + Moca Airbox:
    Retail price 1337,00 EUR999,00 EUR

    DW XR230 Engine + SAMBA S8 Titan:
    Retail price 1218,00 EUR889,00 EUR

    DW XR230 Engine + Moca Airbox:
    Retail price 888,00 EUR659,00 EUR

    DW XR-Cylinder Kit
    Retail price 199,00 EUR139,00 EUR

    DW Xtreme Racing Ignition
    Retail price 269,00 EUR219,00 EUR

    Orders via mail: info@dw-racing.com
    special offer available until 31.03.2018

  2. E-Starter Umbau – so wirds gemacht – Teil 3

    15. April 2016 by Dominik Winkler

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  3. E-Starter Umbau – so wirds gemacht – Teil 2

    by Dominik Winkler

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  4. E-Starter Umbau – so wirds gemacht – Teil 1

    14. April 2016 by Dominik Winkler


  5. DW XR230 2016 – preview

    13. March 2016 by Dominik Winkler


  6. Tuning Insulator 2016

    3. February 2016 by Dominik Winkler

    The DW Tuning insulator 2016 solves the commonly known problems of plastic insulators such as distortion, leaks and broken out threads by its high strength and heat resistance and still ensures an extremely good thermal insulation.




    • no distortion by heat or tension
    • permanently sealed
    • perfectly matching seals
    • no broken out threads
    • made of high-strength aluminum 7075 by HARM Racing
    • channel flow optimized and 3D milled

    Since aluminum is a good conductor of heat, the thermal decoupling special attention must be paid, because in any case it must be ensured that the carburettor is as cold as possible. For a perfect thermal decoupling an 8mm strong seal is used. It is made of a material which has very poor thermal conductivity characteristics.

    without insulated screws

    2.1 without insulated screws

    2.2 with insulated screws

    2.2 with insulated screws

    Often people forget that the screws are made of steel and thus a very good heat conductor. Therefore, it is necessarily to thermally decouple them also. This is ensured by special washer discs made of GFK. The pictures 2.1 and 2.2 illustrate the difference with and without thermal decoupling of the screws.

  7. First EFRA Podium for DW Racing engines

    5. May 2015 by Dominik Winkler

    EFRA Warmup Sollenau:
    3. place KLUG Sascha (DW XR230 Stage 1)
    6. place WEISER Michael (DW XR230 Stage 3)

    Thank you for this great result!


  8. Team Drivers 2015

    21. April 2015 by Dominik Winkler

    I’am proud to introduce you to the DW-Racing Team 2015:

    Maximilian Hornig will do his second season on DW Racing Engines.
    Welcome Sascha Klug and Michael Weiser from Austria.
    Thank you for trusting in DW-Racing engines.
    I wish you good luck and a successful season 2015.
    Of course, I wish the same to all other customers and friends.


    Maximilian Hornig

    de Germany
    Car: H.A.R.M SX4
    Engine: DW XR230


    Sascha Klug

    at Austria
    Car: H.A.R.M SX4
    Engine: DW XR230


    Michael Weiser

    at Austria
    Car: H.A.R.M SX4
    Engine: DW XR230

  9. DW XRi Manual

    10. March 2015 by Dominik Winkler

    DW XRi
    You can find a download link to the english version of the Xtreme Racing Ignition manual below.

    DW XRi Manual EN

  10. XRi (Xtreme Racing Ignition) 2014

    13. September 2014 by Dominik Winkler


    After intensive development and successful tests I want to introduce you the latest concept by DW-Racing. At the 2nd round of the German Championship in Oberhausen, Daniel Wurster and I used a new ignition system (DW Xtreme Racing Igniton), which has proven itself absolutely and is now ready for market.

    The DW XRI system consists of a 60mm inner rotor and two CNC-machined impellers, which also have a diameter of 60mm. The purpose of this development is to get enough cooling capacity with minimal performance loss. Tests on the engine dyno, as well as fluid dynamics (CFD) have shown that the fan wastes up to 0,6 HP at 20.000U/min. This power is consumed to move air instead of powering the wheels.

    The DW XRI system is able to improve the use of the available power delivered by the engine. It saves up to 0,4 HP, which can now be used to power the wheels. This is a power increase of nearly 10% (compared to a max power of about 3,5 HP, which is a realistic power indication)! Anyone who has seen this ignition system in action, will have no doubt about this statement. The comparison is not based on a standard flywheel, but on ignition systems that already have a modified fan/flywheel. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has been used to optimize the impellers of DW XRI system to create sufficient cooling and, compared with other systems available in the large scale racing scene, even more cooling.


    Another advantage is of course the lighter and more central positioned rotor, which is the reason why the DW XRI provides additional torque even at low engine speed range. Due to the low and balanced rotating mass incures less vibration. As a result, the crankshaft bearings are less stressed and the engine can achieve even higher speeds.

    With the DW XRI system, we have reached up to 25500rpm without load and about 23,000rpm on track.

    Advantage overview:

    • More power over entire rpm range
    • More torque in low rpm range due to low rotation mass
    • Significantly higher top speed
    • Possibility to use shorter gear ratios
    • More engine cooling compared to other tuning systems

    Scope of delivery:

    • 60mm rotor
    • 60mm inner fan
    • 60mm outer fan
    • Ideka ignition coil
    • coil holder
    • screws

    Retail price: 269,- EUR